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Publisher Tips And Trik Komputer menyapa saat anda booting Part 2

Komputer menyapa saat anda booting Part 2

1.  Buka notepad

2.  Copy code vbscript berikut ke notepad :

dim speaks, speech, salam , username

username = createobject("wscript.network").username

if hour(time) < 12 then
salam = "good morning"
elseif hour(time) < 20 then
salam = "good afternoon"
salam = "good night"
end if

speaks = salam + " " + username + "! Welcome back today will be a great day! You are the handsome boy ever in this world ! Have a nice work!"
set speech = createobject("sapi.spvoice")
speech.speak speaks


3. Save file berikut jadi "welcome.vbs"

4. Copy file tersebut ke : 

windows vista & 7 -> ”c:\users\{username}\appdata\roaming\microsoft\win dows\start menu\programs\startup”

windows xp -> c:\documents and settings\{username}\start menu\ atau c:\documents and settings\all users\start menu\programs\startup

untuk dengerin suaranya ga perlu reboot kompi ente gan, cukup klik 2x file nya..


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